Organic chemistry is the scientific discipline that studies the structure, properties, synthesis and reactivity of chemical compounds formed mainly by carbon and hydrogen, which may contain other elements, generally in small amounts such as oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, halogens, phosphorus, silicon. .

The term "organic" comes from the relationship between these compounds and vital processes, however, there are many compounds studied by organic chemistry that are not present in living beings, while numerous inorganic compounds are part of basic vital processes, mineral salts, metals such as iron that is present in hemoglobin….
11-cis-retinal 11-cis-retinal
Organic compounds have a huge variety of properties and applications and are the basis of numerous basic compounds in our lives, among which we can mention: plastics, detergents, paints, explosives, pharmaceuticals, dyes, insecticides......

The synthesis of new molecules provides us with new dyes to color our clothes, new Benomil - Fungicida Benomyl - Fungicide perfumes, new medicines with which to cure diseases. Unfortunately there are organic compounds that have caused significant damage, pollutants such as DDT, drugs such as Thalidomide. But from my point of view the balance of this scientific discipline is more than positive, to the point of being impossible the current standard of living without their contributions.