Give the IUPAC name of the following compounds.


molecule 1

Main chain: the longest one is chosen, 8 carbons (octane)
Numbering: start with the end closest to a substituent
Substituents: methyls at 3,4,6 and ethyl at 5 .
Name: 5-Ethyl-2,4,6-trimethyloctane

molecule 2

Main chain: 6 carbons (hexane)
Numbering: start from the left (methyl at 2). On the right the ethyl is at 3 .
Substituents: 4-ethyl and 2-methyl.
Name: 4-Ethyl-2-methylhexane

molecule 3

Main chain: the longest chain is 10 carbons (decane)
Numbering: start from the left since the first substituent is found before.
Substituents: methyls at 2,6 ; ethyl at 8 ; isopropyl in 4 .
Name: 8-Ethyl-4-isopropyl-2,6-dimethyldecane