Name the following hydrocarbons, in which several cycles join a chain.

cycloalkanes nomenclature statement


Molecule 1.

molecule 01
1. Main chain: 8 carbon chain (octane)
2. Numbering: starting from the right, locators: 2,4,7 . Starting from the left, locators: 2,5,7 (older).
3. Substituents: 2-cyclopropyl, 4-cyclobutyl, and 7-cyclopentyl.
4. Name: 4-Cyclobutyl-7-cyclopentyl-2-cyclopropyloctane

Molecule 2.

molecule 02

1. Main chain: 9 carbon chain (nonane)
2. Numbering: we begin the numbering at the end closest to the substituent (cyclobutyl)
3. Substituents: 2-cyclobutyl, 3,6-methyl, and 7-cyclohexyl.
4. Name: 2-Cyclobutyl-7-cyclohexyl-3,6-dimethylnonane.

Molecule 3.

molecule 03

1. Main chain: 3-carbon chain (propane)
2. Numbering: we start with the end of the cyclobutyl by going before alphabetically.
3. Substituents: 1-cyclobutyl, 2-cyclopentyl, and 3-cyclohexyl
4. Name: 1-Cyclobutyl-3-cyclohexyl-2-cyclopentylpropane

I When a molecule has several cycles, it is convenient to take the linear chain as the principal and the cycles as substituents.