Name the following cycloalkyl radicals.
name radicals sentence


I The numbering of cycloalkyl radicals always begins with the carbon that has the free valence (carbon that is attached to the main chain). If the radical has substituents, the numbering continues so that they take the lowest locants.

Radical 1.

radical 01
Radical derived from cyclopropane. To name it, the ending -ano is changed to -ilo .


Radical 2.

radical 02

Radical derived from cyclobutane. The numbering starts from the carbon that is linked to the main chain. Since there are no substituents, the meaning of the numbering is indifferent.


Radical 3.

radical 03

Radical derived from cyclopentane with a substituent in position 3 , starting the numbering at the free valence carbon. The name of the radical is built by naming the substituent (methyl) preceded by its locant ending with the name of the cycle as a radical.


Radical 4.

radical 04

Radical derived from cyclohexane (cyclohexyl) with substituent (methyl) in position 2 .