caballete01.png In the sawhorse projection (also called in perspective) the line of observation makes an angle of 45º with the carbon-carbon bond. The carbon closest to the observer is below and to the right. While the farthest one is on the top left.

To make the Newman projection we place ourselves in front of the carbon indicated by the arrow, this carbon is represented by a dot (red), three substituents start from it oriented as follows: methyl up; right bromine; left hydrogen. On the bottom carbon, represented by a circle (blue), there are three other substituents: ethyl below; left chlorine; right hydrogen.

Alternate conformation

easel projection 01

[1] Newman projection

[2] Sawhorse projection

[3] Space shape

In the Newman projection of the eclipsed conformation, the background carbon (blue) is rotated slightly in order to draw its substituents. In reality, the substituents of the red carbon cover those of the blue.

Eclipsed conformation

easel projection 02

[4] Newman projection

[5] Sawhorse projection

[6] Space shape