Molecular editors are computer programs designed to draw molecules and reactions. They are essential to be able to express themselves in organic chemistry, allowing to write reactions and mechanisms.

There are two molecular editors whose features stand out from the rest: ACD/ChemSketch and ChemDraw.

ACD/ChemSketch Freeware
It is a very complete and free molecular editor that you can download, after registering, at the following address:



ChemDraw Ultra 11.0 Trial Version
It is a highly configurable editor, easy to use, with great image quality. However, the trial version is only two weeks. In any case, I indicate the download address.


There are also online editors , with much smaller features than the previous ones, but with the advantage of not requiring any type of installation on the PC. Among the online publishers are: MarvinSketch, JME and Molview

Molview is an advanced java-based chemical editor that has the option to save the work done as an image.


JME Molecular Editor
Simple java-based molecular editor, widely used on this website. This editor combined with small scripts written in java, allows to create interactive exercises.

You have to enable JavaScript in your browser to use JSME!