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Epoxidation 2 years 3 weeks before #13050

I have read that epoxidation is chemoselective because it attacks the most substituted double bonds better, however, this attack to one area more than another would not give it the name of regioselective?
Isn't chemoselectivity preference for a certain functional group? On the other hand, if the but-2-ene is epoxidized, the epoxidation can occur on one side and on the other, giving rise to a meso form or a racemic mixture depending on whether we start from Z or E. In this case, I do not see any diastereoselectivity. However, I have also read that epoxidation is diastereoselective, attacking the less impeded face. This will be in alkenes with more voluminous chains, right? I mean in the example it does not apply.

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