Esters come from condensing acids with alcohols and are named as salts of the acid from which they come. IUPAC nomenclature changes the -oic of the acid to -oate , ending with the name of the alkyl group attached to the oxygen.

Esters are priority groups over amines, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, nitriles, amides, and alkanoyl halides.

Ester nomenclature

These groups are named as substituents with the ester being the functional group. Carboxylic acids and anhydrides have priority over esters, which are named as substituents ( alkoxycarbonyl..... .)

ester nomenclature

When the ester group is attached to a cycle, the cycle is named as the main chain and the ending -carboxylate of alkyl to name the ester.

Ester nomenclature