The 3-keto esters or β -keto esters are obtained by the Claisen condensation of two esters.

Diesters produce cyclic 3-ketoesters by intramolecular Claisen condensation, also called Dieckmann condensation
Mixed Claisen produces 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds by condensation between ketone and ester.
  • Obtaining 3-ketoesters

condensation claisen 01

  • Obtaining cyclic 3-ketoesters

condensation claisen 02


  • Obtaining 1,3-dicarbonyls.
The mixed Claisen condensation between ester and ketone produces 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds. Aldehydes are not effective in this synthesis as they react via aldol condensation.
condensation claisen 03
  • Obtaining cyclic 1,3-diketones.

condensation claisen 04