Aldehydes are named by replacing the -ane of the corresponding alkane with -al .
It is not necessary to specify the position of the aldehyde group, since it occupies the end of the chain (locant 1). -dial is used .


-CHO group attached to a ring is called -carbaldehyde .


The numbering of the cycle is carried out by giving locant 1 to the carbon of the cycle that contains the aldehyde group. Some common IUPAC-accepted names for aldehydes are:


Ketones are named by replacing the -ane of the alkane with the same chain length with -one .


The longest chain that contains the carbonyl group is taken as the main chain and is numbered so that it takes the lowest locant. There is a second type of nomenclature for ketones, which consists of naming the chains as substituents, arranging them alphabetically, and ending the name with the word ketone .